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Ideas at Access Group


At Access Group we make it our business to provide our clients insight.

The following highlights some of the tools and information we have used for our round table sessions:


  • From Complacent to Competitive - New strategies to help Canadian enterprise compete on the global stage Report
  • How government agents can boost accountability and help Canada compete more powerfully on the global stage? Report
  • Generating Buzz thourugh Social Netwokring. How can companies build awareness through Social Networks and word of mouth marketing? Report
  • The Bilingual CIO in 2010 - How have CIOs gone from speaking 'IT' to speaking the language of the business? Report
  • Financial Services - This Report looks at ongoing financial industry process and technology changes – taking as our starting point current challenges like old legacy systems, an aging workforce, and never-ending customer expectations. These challenges give rise to such questions as: How can we streamline business processes to meet these challenges, improve our efficiencies, and more accurately measure our successes? Financial Services Report
  • Oil/Gas Executive - Managing Growth when Talent is Scarce and Costs are High - What are the keys to success? Who’s making progress and how? OilandGas Report
  • CIOs Never-Ending Challenge: Creating and Delivering Value to the Business Units. CIO Report
  • Findings by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) identified challenges facing Canada’s ICT sector in its efforts to attract, retain and train internationally educated professionals. ICT Findings
  • Advantage Canada Summit- Bringing key stakeholders who had the interest and innovation to help Canada build a definitive brand in the global sourcing industry. Advantage Canada Summit
  • Speeding Up The Supply Chain - How to speed up existing supply chains in order to compete Supply Chain Report
  • Growth in the New Flat World - A report about how Canada's technology companies can survive in the New Flat World. Growth in the New Flat World
  • Implementing Accountability in Canadian Government - A report about challenges facing most modern democratic governments with respect to building transparent, effective structures, while maintaining accountability. Accountability Report
  • Smarter Retailing 2006: Advisers & Clients - A Report on the Retailers Knowledge-Exchange Roundtable
  • Selling into Healthcare. This White Paper reports the challenges and best practices in selling to the Canadian Healthcare Industry. Healthcare Report
  • The Changing Role of the CIO in the Law Firm - What do law firms need from technology? How can vendors understand and anticipate the challenges? How can the profession and technology providers work together more closely – as partners rather than just customers and suppliers? CIO Report
  • Manufacturing White Paper - Innovating the Supply Chain. This White Paper reports on Innovating the Supply Chain and examines the issues and solutions put forward. Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • Wealth Management - How to get out of commodity selling and earn the right to be advisers. Enhancing our productivity and making better use of our CRM tools. Wealth Management CRM
  • Operational Excellence: The main risk facing employees of financial institutions, business unit managers, senior executives, and shareholders; and seven steps to help you eliminate it. Operational Excellence Presentation
  • How Financial Services are increasing their revenues using existing resources. A complimentary report for financial institution professionals from Abbott Research - Financial Institution Professionals
  • How Financial Services are increasing their revenues using existing resources. A complimentary report for vendors from Abbott Research - Vendors
  • How are CIOs planning for the future and managing legacy systems?CIO Report
  • What is the strategic and tactical role for the Canada's Information & Network Communications Technology Industry in Bridging the Canadian Manufacturing Excellence Gap in Productivity & Innovation? - Manufacturing report
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Urgent Opportunity or Obstacle to Achieving Business Goals - an executive roundtable with senior managers in Canadian Financial Institutions - Retail Banking Report


I certainly benefited from attending and thought the day very worthwhile. Please do include me on any future invitation lists... Thanks again for a great day.

Peter Bolton, Senior Vice President, ATB Financial Group