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About Access Group

Welcome to Access Group
“...a new and fresh perspective...”
Steve Johnston, President, Second City Communications

It stands to reason that creating unprecedented results requires unprecedented thinking.  And, as Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” 

Great ideas are not born in a vacuum.  They are not the result of any one person’s thinking alone.  Rather, they are the product of a kind of synergistic thinking that creates a big bang moment - a moment that can only be sparked through a focused meeting of many minds.

Access Group has developed a unique process designed to create big bang moments as a matter of course, rather than chance.  We organize and facilitate focused gatherings of top business leaders.  Think tank networking sessions where executives with shared commitments engage candidly with peers to create unforeseen outcomes.

The result?  Improved results for the company, for the economy and for society as a whole.

Access Group:  Providing people with opportunities to see, hear and create results beyond the expected.


It was a lively affair sparking numerous ideas on setting one's company apart and above the competition. What I got is that the core of everything is communication; deep, deep listening ,understanding and "getting" people on the human side, and on the technical end making full use of the "newer" tools; wiki's, blogs, Skype, Instant messaging, etc., as efficient and effective linkages bringing suppliers and manufacturers, and simply put people, closer in contact, quickly in order to fulfill on their business requirements.